What Makes Us Different?

Peak Internet is unlike traditional network providers. We don't lease fiber from 'the phone company' to connect your building. We own our entire network from end-to-end. So if there is ever a problem we're the first to know about it and have the tools and expertise necessary to get the problem fixed quickly and efficiently. No waiting for the phone company to dispatch a technician to diagnose the issue!

Dig-Proof Connectivity

The New York Stock Exchange and Chicago Merchantile Exchange aren't connected by fiber. Why? Because fiber is slow and unreliable. Yes, fiber is slow and unreliable. When milliseconds make the difference for a trade valued at millions of dollars, these exchanges must have the absolute fastest connectivity. Aside from being fast, they must never--ever, lose connection.

It's a proven fact that data travels faster through the air than down a strand of fiber. It's also a proven fact that everyday there are major fiber cuts all across the world. From rogue backhoes to inebreiated drivers, don't let your business rely on such an unreliable form of connectivity! Our Enterprise services are delivered using the latest in microwave radio technology.

Peak Internet owns a network of microwave towers. Using these towers we're able to deliver dedicated, carrier-level connectivity virtually anywhere. And able to do it in just a matter of days; not weeks or months like the fiber providers. Our technology is dedicated, point-to-point, and federally licensed by the FCC--that means there will never be interference or slowdowns on your connection for any reason.

Network demands will never subside. With Peak Internet as your trusted partner you can be assured you'll have the best services today and in the future.

Phone Services

It's a fact--the desk phone in the Enterprise is not going away anytime soon. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer with an aging PBX system or old analog landlines. Peak Internet has built a robust Voice over IP platform and we're able to deliver leading-edge Hosted PBX Services to the enterprise market. From 10 phones to 10,000 phones our system is eslastic and scales with you as your needs change.

Businesses have hundreds of choices for VoIP/Hosted PBX providers. But every other provider sends your telephone calls--your voice--over the public Internet. Once it leaves our network it's fair game for jitter, buffering, dropped calls, eavesdropping, and other problems. The public Internet treats your VoIP phone call the same as file downloads, video streaming, online gaming, and every other type of traffic.

Our service is different. Because we have build our own VoIP Platform we're able to transport your calls securely, clearly and encrypted right from the phone in your office to the actual public telephone network (PSTN). Because we own the network from end-to-end we're able to monitor 100% of the traffic flow to ensure crystal-clear calls all day, every day. You'll never have to worry about your call being dropped or who might be listening in.