Connection Speed Problem

We recommend using only Peak Internet test servers to check your connection speeds. Because of the ultra-fast connections provided by our services, most public speedtest servers cannot correctly measure your actual speed.

Peak Internet Speedtest Site

For additional details on our network performance, check our Network Information page.

Internet Connectivity Problems

Did you know that over 90% of calls into our helpdesk are resolved by simply power-cycling your system?!

That's right! Save yourself the time of calling in and speaking with an agent by following these simple steps first.

1. Find the cable that is entering your premises from the outdoor antenna unit.

2. Disconnect this cable from the power supply box, or disconnect the power supply from the outlet.

3. Wait at least 5 minutes then plug these cables back in.

4. If you have a router, now disconnect it's power for about 30 seconds and reconnect it.

5. While your router is coming back online, go ahead and reboot your computer.

Doing this will fix almost all issues with slow or no connections. If you continue to have issues, please feel free to give us a call.

What We Can and Cannot Do

While we strive to provide the fastest service and the best support at the lowest possible price, there's just a few things we simply cannot do.

1. We will provide the absolute fastest Internet connection we can, given the terrain, trees and other obstructions which may be present in your area.

2. We cannot help you with your Vonage, Xbox, ESPN 360, AOL or any other third-party services. You will need to contact those services directly for support with their systems. We just cannot be familiar with every providers services, systems and functionality.

3. We will deliver a single Cat5 Ethernet connection to our system. We don't provide tech support for routers or other devices, though they do work on our system. If you have a router and have problems, please contact the tech support for the routers manufacturer.

4. We always try to respond to your support requests as soon as possible. Sometimes we do get a few days out on service calls. Please be patient with us.

5. We cannot provide services such as anti-virus removal, spyware removal, PC tune-up or other related services without a support contract or pay-per-use fee. For home users, we recommend contacting a local PC support shop.